Illinois Wastewater Professionals Conference

The Illinois Wastewater Professional Conference, IWPC, is a joint annual conference hosted by the Illinois Water Environment Association and the Illinois Association of Water Pollution Control Operators. The conference features technical sessions, workshops and tours, special events for students and operators, and lots of networking opportunities.

Technical Sessions will focus on: Assest Management, Biosolids Management, Collection Systems, Laboratory, Nutrients, Plant Operations, Pretreatment, Wastewater Treatment, and Watershed Management.

Workshops and Special Events include:  a Laboratory Workshop, the Operations Challenge, a Safety Workshop, Student Poster Session, Operations Certification Test Review, a local tour, and the IWEA and IAWPCO Annual Banquets.

IWPC 2020 is April 20 - 22, 2020.
IWPC 2021 is April 19 - 21, 2021.

  Conference Highlights

Operators Challenge
We invite all attendees to participate in the 5th Annual Operators Challenge. Test your skills in the lab, safety, maintenance and operations quiz challenges.

Laboratory Workshop
This year's hands-on workshop will focus on learning about the different forms of nitrogen and phosphorus and their associated analytical methods.

Student Poster Competition
IWPC invites students to submit papers four our poster competition.

Scholarship Fundraiser
Our gift basket raffle supports IWEA and IAWPCO scholarships. You can see the baskets in the exhibit hall. Purchase tickets at the front registration table.

  Become a Member

Join the IWEA
The Illinois Water Environment Association is a community of dedicated professionals working to advance fundamental knowledge of our water environment. Its members are engineers, scientists, plant operators, and students. They work at wastewater treatment plants, engineering firms, and manufacturers of water treatment equipment manufacturers.

Join the IAWPCO
The Illinois Association of Water Pollution Control Operators is a professional wastewater operator's organization dedicated to the advancement of knowledge among its members concerning the field of wastewater treatment and promoting their standing to the public.  Our members come from all areas of the wastewater industry and include operators, educators, industry reps, engineers and management employees